Mirja Spooner Haffner, Chair
Gary Metzner, Vice Chair
Erin Clifford, Secretary
Christina Huizar, Treasurer
Dana Berkowitz
Steven Collens
Elissa Hamid Efroymson
Arnett Faulkner
Lori Gray Faversham
Ronald B. Grais
Christine Gallagher*
Sandra Guthman
John Hart
Betsy Holden
Tom Hurvis
Pamela Johnson
Avril Klaff
Marshall Lindsey
Samera Ludwig
David Mabie
Michael McIntosh
Sylvia Neil
Jonathan Plotkin
Cynthia Plouché*
Amisha Rigia
John Yonover
Neal Zucker
*Ex-Officio Directors

José Ochoa, President
ChiArts Founding Executive and Artistic Director José Ochoa leads ChiArts Foundation as its first President. José excitedly shares,“The last 12 years have been an unforgettable journey for me. Moving forward as the President of ChiArts Foundation, I look forward to the next chapter in our wonderful school history and am eager to see all the amazing work our students and alumni will create for themselves and others for years to come.”
Johnny Merrifield
Director of Development & Marketing

Greer Hutchison
Executive Coordinator

Karina Quintana
Programs Manager

​​Daniel Gayden
Alumni Platform Intern

Jo Marie Sison
Grants Coordinator


Megan Sauve
Database Administrator
Briana Shields
Marketing Associate

Natasha Mraz
Marketing & Communications Manager

We are thrilled to introduce our inaugural class of Alumni Ambassadors. By supporting the Foundation's Programs Manager, the following six ChiArts alums will be integral to strengthening our alumni programming and engagement for the next 10 months.

Gabrielle Foreman, Music '13
Coda Marcus, Theatre '16
Ariana Burks, Theatre '17
David Lopena, Dance '18
Ladasia Bryant, Visual Arts '19
Sarah Bonds, Theatre '20

Alumni listed from top right corner to bottom left corner.

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